Thanks for viewing the DMTA website! If you have any further questions or needs here are a couple of ways to contact me:
David Mathews
Email :
Cell Phone: 404-642-9420

Private lesson fees: 1-4 people $45 per hour – $25 per 1/2 hour
Team Coaching fees: 5 or more $55 per hour, $80 per 1.5 hours

You can also go to the coresponding page of question and make a comment and that will also get your question answered, and it might also help someone else out with the same question!

15 comments on “Contact

  1. We live in lawrenceville, Liz Reid referred me.
    Do you teach beginning 11 year old boys? We are homeschool so mornings during the week would be great.
    Patti Skelton

  2. Please I’m currently a sophmore in high high school and I play high school tennis.
    I’m currently not getting any coaching and am greatly interested. Yet my family is in a financial crisis at the moment and I was wondering if you offered any financial assistance. Please reply and help me with my current problem.

  3. Hi Dave,
    Do you have a Monday night open in the fall
    to coach a women’s team in Lilburn. 8-9:30?

  4. Hi Dave, I have a 12 year old daughter that wants to play tennis. I have joined ALTA and enrolled her in several Gwinnett County Recreational tennis classes several times. I want to set up classes for he. I agree with you about giving kids the “killer mentality”, I can’t do it with my daughter. She has never really been on a team, but she is very athletic. We live near Mountain Park Park, (that is where I saw you with your students). Maybe we can set up a time around that class if possible. I would like to do at least 2 hours a week if possible. Thanks Phalba ADams

  5. I want to enroll my son in your program. Is there a contract or is month to month? Do you work on different aspects of the game each month? What is the layout for the drills workout? The information indicates the fee takes into account rain-outs and tournaments. If I pay for a month’s worth of drills and it rains on the day of my drills, do I continue to come on my day until I get my four drills? I am interested in coming on Tuesday. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Bridgette, The first thing you might want to do is to come by drills and watch for a bit. I’ll be glad as time occurs to answer any questions you might have and that way you’ll see if your son is still interested. This academy is generally for players that have played some whether it be in a league or tournament format. Thanks and I hope this helps, Dave Mathews

  6. Hey Slacker, I have some guys wanting to contact you regarding serving lessons. I am trying to give you as much business as possible, because Justina Gannon said “you are the man.”

    G. Pridgen

  7. Dave,
    My wife and I would like to take a serving lesson (or more). Do you have any available time next week or tommorrow?

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